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about save our environment

Executive Summary

Save Our Environment is located at 2331 Kingston Road, Unit B, Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1V1. The business is a sole proprietorship operated by A K M Saiduz Zaman. Save Our Environment operates within the Engineering Services sector as determined by the North American Industry Classification System. The services offered include site plans, architectural plans, structural plans, mechanical plans, electrical plans, stormwater management, functional servicing and environmental site assessments. Financial institutions, owners and developers of housing and small buildings are the potential clients of these services. Save Our Environment is the approved Environmental and Building Condition Assessment Company for some of the major financial institutions in Ontario. Unlike many of its competitors Save Our Environment creates solutions that must integrate the client’s goals, draw on only the appropriate technologies and be firmly based within the economic and time limits set by the client, community and regulators. Toronto is at the centre of Ontario's and Canada's design economy with the largest number of design workers and design establishments in the province and the nation. Toronto's design labour force grew by 3.7% from 1991 to 2006, while the overall labour force grew by 1.6% in the same period.

Mission Statement

To protect man and the environment from each other.

vision statement

By the fifth year of operations Save Our Environment will be the preferred building, civil and environmental engineering company as well as one of the largest employers in the Greater Toronto Area. Providing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary engineering service able to match almost all construction and environmental project needs with an eye toward saving time and money will enable Save Our Environment to become known and respected in the industry. Save Our Environment is always looking toward the future, trying to account for the next set of regulations or the next level of services that it can provide to clients. That’s what its continuous quality improvement process, called Leadership through Client Satisfaction, is all about. Save Our Environment knows that its best day is tomorrow and the best service it can offer is the one its clients will need in the future.

Save Our Environment

Save Our Environment was registered on September 05, 2012. On January 10, 2013, Save Our Environment was granted the authorization to engage in the business of providing services that are within the practice of Professional Engineering in the Province of Ontario in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Engineers Act. Save Our Environment offers a wide range of engineering services including but not limited to Architectural and Engineering Design for all types of buildings, Building Materials Assessment, Property Condition Assessment, Functional Servicing Assessment, Storm Water Management, Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Remediation, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Industrial Waste Management, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Hydrodynamic Modeling and Civil Engineering. Save Our Environment retains a high number of repeat clients (over 85 percent) because its knowledge and resources are delivered in a client-focused manner.

Business Location

Save Our Environment is located at 2331 Kingston Road, Unit B, Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1V1. The primary contact is A K M Saiduz Zaman who is available at the above address and reachable at 647-294-8243 or Saiduz.Zaman@SaveOurEnvironment.ca. The business is located in a commercial building and clients are always welcome to visit this location for occasional meetings. But the nature of the business requires more on-site activities and desktop studies than general meetings. When frequent meetings and conferences are required Save Our Environment considers affordable down town virtual offices.

Legal Structure

Save Our Environment is a sole proprietorship. The biggest advantage of a sole proprietorship is that setting up and administering the business is comparatively easy and inexpensive. Another of the big advantages of the sole proprietorship is the tax simplicity. Save Our Environment will eventually incorporate federally in about two years from now. It will give the ability to do business all across Canada and abroad.

Management Summary

Save Our Environment is managed by a sole professional with many years of experience in the Engineering Services sector. Save Our Environment creates solutions that must integrate the client’s goals, draw on only the appropriate technologies and be firmly based within the economic and time limits set by the client, community and regulators.

The Proprietor

A K M Saiduz Zaman, Ph.D., P.Eng., Director and Chief Executive Officer
A K M Saiduz Zaman is the owner of Save Our Environment. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering degree from the Concordia University. Dr. Zaman has over twenty two years professional experience working in civil, building and environmental engineering, hydrodynamic and water quality studies, water and wastewater engineering. Dr. Zaman’s interests and expertise include six problem areas: (1) Hazardous Waste Management (2) Treatment and management of metal-contaminated waters and wastes (3) Physical, chemical, biological and tertiary treatment of wastewater (4) Urban waste waters– treatment for use in steam and power generation (5) Bioremediation and (6) 3D Structural Analysis & Design Engineering for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel design of virtually any structure including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles, and much more. He worked for about four years with URS Corporation Tallahassee, Fl, as a civil engineer. His ties with URS date back to 1995 when he worked with Woodward-Clyde International. Dr. Zaman has alternated work and academic pursuits. In 2006, his dissertation at Concordia University dealt with the treatment of groundwater contaminated with arsenic and organic material. Dr. Zaman has been applying his expertise to numerous projects including surface water and deep sea Geo-hazard modeling amongst others. He has used programming languages FORTRAN and MATLAB for implementing numerical methods. He is also experienced in the application of standard process-based transport models including the SMS models FESWMS, RMA2 & 4, ADCIRC, M2D, StormNET, XPSWMM, PCSWMM, the HEC suite of models, as well as CAD, GIS, STAAD Pro, STAAD Foundation Advanced, Mathcad and Microsoft Office programs. Dr. Zaman is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario. He is a certified Associate Project Manager. He is experienced in both academic and work place curriculum development. He has been responsible for delivering various work-related subject specific, technical and job specific training.

Dr. Zaman has been applying his expertise in a wide range of areas such as Water Supply and Sewerage, Storm Water Management, Environmental Engineering, Hazardous Waste Management, Engineering Aspects of Chemical and Biological Processes, Engineering Aspects of Site Remediation, Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment and Design and Analyses of Experiments. Designing experiences (complete design of a wood structure) included: (1) Vertical design loads and lateral forces, (2) Design for vertical loads (beams and columns), (3) Design for lateral forces (horizontal diaphragms and shearwalls), and (4) Connection design (including the overall tying together of the vertical and lateral force resisting systems). Dr. Zaman has planned, directed, coordinated, and budgeted a wide variety of construction projects including commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Conducted preliminary phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments for the owners of commercial buildings. These studies provided quantitative risk assessment involving hazard identification, exposure assessment, toxicity assessment, and risk characterization. Developed work place curriculum that included setting goals for learning, based on needs assessments, selecting subject matter and methods appropriate to the construction workers, developing materials and activities for learning, evaluating the results. Delivered environmental and health and safety training

Strategic Business Alliances

One of the closest associates of Save Our Environment is Sakanashi and Associates Inc. Mr. Richard Sakanashi is the overall Business Development Consultant. Save Our Environment is almost always in contact with the Concordia University professors and some of the URS Corporation senior engineers and managers. Professor Mulligan Catherine at the Concordia University continues to be a mentor since 2000. Dr. Alan Niedoroda, vice president and senior manager at URS Corporation, Florida has been helping and assisting Save Our Environment with invaluable suggestions in engineering, management and financial issues.

Marketing Plan

Market Research

Industry Profile

Save Our Environment operates within the Engineering Services sector as determined by the North American Industry Classification System. 541330 is the code assigned by the NAICS. As defined by NAICS, this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in applying physical laws and principles of engineering in the design, development, and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes, and systems. The assignments undertaken by these establishments may involve any of the following activities: provision of advice, preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary and final plans and designs, provision of technical services during the construction or installation phase, inspection and evaluation of engineering projects, and related services [1]. Among the services practiced by Save Our Environment are civil engineering services, environmental engineering services, construction engineering services and mechanical engineering services.

Save Our Environment operates in the Greater Toronto Area. The engineering services sector in the city of Toronto is among the largest in North America and is growing at the same speed or level as the city's highly diversified economy.

There are more than 80,000 engineers that hold licence and certificate issued by the Professional Engineers Ontario. These engineers are committed to enhancing the quality of life, safety and well-being in the province of Ontario. Architectural, engineering, and related professional service firms in Toronto make up 11% [2]. Although the size of the market in Toronto in terms of dollars is not readily measurable, it is obviously very significant.

At present at Save Our Environment, much attention is concentrated on the design of architectural, landscape architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and industrial plans. Save Our Environment is NOT a builder in and of itself, it designs engineering plans. It is noteworthy in this regard that "Toronto is unquestionably at the centre of Ontario's and Canada's design economy with the largest absolute and relative number of design workers and design establishments in the province and the nation" [3]. According to the same source, 71 % of Ontario's architects, landscape architects, industrial, graphic and interior designers are located in Toronto. Particular attention has to be paid to the fact that Toronto's design labour force grew by 3.7% from 1991 to 2006, while the overall labour force grew by 1.6% in the same period.

Engineering services are indeed a very well established industry. The history of structural engineering dates back to at least 2700 BC when the step pyramid for Pharaoh Djoser was built by Imhotep, the first engineer in history known by name. However, Building Services Engineering has its origins in the final years of the Victorian Era when technical solutions to building comfort were emerging.

Until recently, civil engineering has been in a very privileged position, but investigations carried out elsewhere suggest that the outlook for the economy in the long term reflects downward trending growth in Ontario’s major trading partners and weak growth in government current spending. The construction industry shows weak growth averaging 1.6 percent in the medium term, consistent with weak residential investment growth and negative growth in government capital spending [4].

In another study, consideration was given to the overall expansion of this industry. It shows that the Engineering Services industry has expanded overall in the five years since 2010. In the beginning of the period, increased public spending on transportation infrastructure boosted demand for related industry services; however, revenue growth has been inconsistent because government spending slowed in 2013 and 2014. Investor fears of high household debt and a potential real estate bubble have also tampered investment in commercial and industrial construction projects, upon which engineering services firms rely [5].

The same source reports that “engineering industry is in the mature phase of its life cycle. Industry value added, which measures an industry's contribution to GDP, is projected to increase at an average annual rate of 2.7% during the 10 years to 2020. In comparison, GDP is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 2.2% during the same 10 year-period. Growth is expected to be slightly faster over this period as the industry is recovering from a dip in demand caused by anemic private investment during the recession. Industries that grow at a similar rate as GDP are considered to be mature. In addition, downstream businesses have widely accepted and adopted the industry's services” [5].

Analyses concerning the causes and costs of the seasonal cycle in new home production are vital. It has to be said that there exist seasonal fluctuations in housing markets. Seasonal fluctuations are still a spreading throughout characteristic of housing markets in nearly all of Canada. This seasonal gradual decrease in activity leads to fairly large unemployment in winter periods. As a result this reduces the efficiency of housing construction. As a consequence it adds to cost pressures in the housing market.

The perceptions of critical success factors (CSFs) in a multi-disciplinary engineering practice such as Save Our Environment can have great diversity or variety. At Save Our Environment, project success is seen to be related to five dimensions of work: individuals, teams, process, project and product. Understanding these factors and their interdependence may enable Save Our Environment to identify strengths and weaknesses in its present and future work practices.

Some of the key factors that impact civil engineering services in general include interest rates, increase or decrease in public and private investment, taxes, youth labour market and migratory balance (international and interprovincial immigrants minus emigrants). These factors seem to have direct or indirect impacts on Save Our Environment as well.

New Ontario Building Code seems to have significant impacts on designs. For example condos will no longer be allowed to have windows that exceed 40% of the exterior wall. This will fundamentally change the look of building designs in this city. New rules are always welcome since they provide more safety and cost reduction often times. In addition, changes in the OBC make people redesign some of their construction plans. It should give more business opportunities to designers like Save Our Environment.

Economic downturns or spurts, interest rates, changes in discretionary spending ability – they all affect Save Our Environment directly and significantly. For the reason that these are the key factors that account for the success of the construction industry. During economic downturns or when the interest rates are too high, people cannot afford to buy new homes or apply for a new building permit and start a new renovation project. Save Our Environment highly depends on the budgetary limits of its present and future clients.

Demographics are the data that describes the composition of a population, such as age, race, gender, income, migration patterns and population growth. These are significant factor that affects how houses are priced and what types of properties are in demand. There are a number of ways a demographic shift can affect the civil engineering market, but for a business like Save Our Environment, some key factors include the effect of this demographic shift on the demand for second homes in popular vacation areas as more people start to retire, the effect on the demand for larger homes if incomes are smaller and the children have all moved out. Studies of these and other factors can help Save Our Environment narrow down the type and location of potentially desirable clients for engineering services. Interest rates also have a major impact on the construction markets. Changes in interest rates can greatly influence a person's ability to purchase a residential property. That is because as the interest rates fall, the cost to obtain a mortgage to buy or renovate a home decreases, which creates a higher demand for residential properties. Accessory Dwelling Units in a basement or any other modification and renovation are among the popular ways to boost house value.

Technological advances impact almost all industries and all businesses. Save Our Environment is not any exception. Learning new and emerging technologies is priority at Save Our Environment. The business is closely associated with research laboratories at Canadian universities. Building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction continue to evolve. Save Our Environment continues to use emerging software applications to satisfy its day to day technical needs. Autodesk and Sefaira have developed applications that allow designers to perform energy analysis of early concepts on the fly. Also it is interesting to note that computer-aided manufacturing is on the horizon. But traditional processes are unlikely to be obscure any time soon.

Customer Profile

Homeowners, owners of small commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, property managers of such buildings, builders and developers of housing and small buildings are the potential buyers of the services that Save Our Environment is offering today.

The key benefits the customers are seeking are saving time and money while creating technically sound solutions. Save Our Environment knows that all of its clients are different. So it tailors solutions to meet the specific technical problems at hand to satisfy the unique needs of the clients. Customizing solutions to meet clients’ needs with an eye toward saving time and money are the hallmarks of Save Our Environment’s services.

As mentioned above Save Our Environment is targeting both individual and business customers. Homeowners are essentially individual customers that are the direct users of the services. These are typically young couples and new immigrants from around the world. Both young people and new immigrants are usually faced with budget reduction challenges.

Business customers are the owners of commercial buildings such as small plazas, multifamily residential buildings etc. and the developers of new housing and small buildings. Individual business owner that runs his business such as a restaurant in a commercial building can also seek engineering services. Sometimes the landlord himself hires a designer to get a building permit issued for his tenant. It depends on the rental agreement. Any business located in the city of Toronto is required to obtain a proper Building Permit approved by the city of Toronto before it can operate. Business customers are typically faced with the challenge of saving time, getting a Building Permit issued as soon as possible.

Competitive Analysis

Based on a competitive analysis, Save Our Environment has developed the following policies for its customers:

1) The need for an all-embracing design work including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical plans, functional servicing and storm water management must all be satisfied by Save Our Environment itself or under its direct supervision

2) In pursuing unique technologies, Save Our Environment also creates a valuable by-product: a true partnership with each client. Save Our Environment draws together the talents of clients, regulatory authorities and itself to focus on a common goal. This helps forge among these players a new, empowering relationship that yields a more successful solution. This partnership means that Save Our Environment works closely with clients to carry out their wishes within their time frame and budgetary limits. Save Our Environment works shoulder to shoulder with regulatory authorities to satisfy their objectives. And Save Our Environment works hard to anticipate technological developments in its and its clients’ industries, and to foresee clients’ upcoming key issues and changing regulatory requirements.

While 'One-Stop Shop' may not be a good idea for one kind of business, it can be perfect for the other. Save Our Environment is a business that offers a multitude of services to its clients. It has a policy to provide convenient and efficient services while creating the opportunity to sell more products and services to its clients. As can be seen from a S.W.O.T analysis Save Our Environment can very realistically take advantage of the opportunities to engage in a subcontract with its competitors. A true partnership with a competitor by itself can reduce or eliminate the competition eventually. The other thing that has to be considered is that the majority of the customers of engineering services are non-technical people. In most cases they have no clear idea about their own needs. It would be unfair to pass the task of selecting and coordinating the right professionals for the multi-component and complex design work to the non-technical customer alone on his own. Save Our Environment will differentiate itself from the competition by offering to create technically sound, economically reasonable solution in an atmosphere of budget reduction challenges. In addition, Save Our Environment involves its clients in the process by identifying their needs and educating them about the problems. Customers will consider buying the services for many reasons outlined above including the fact that with Save Our Environment a customer becomes one of the key players. Save Our Environment is not just a company that solely aims at big money, to provide the society with safe environment is its responsibility.

Supplier Profile

Outsourcing is right in the core of Save Our Environment’s business policies. It has learned to draw together the talents of different professionals and businesses to focus on a common goal. The design of a single small building may require over ten different professionals. The most common services that the business obtains from an outside supplier include numerical analysis of surface run-off, digitizing of engineering drawings, CAD drafting and topo-bathymetric data acquisition. Save Our Environment selects its suppliers carefully considering price, terms of payment, delivery, reliability, quality, and their insurance policy.

Positioning Statement

For owners and developers of housing and small buildings in the city of Toronto Save Our Environment is the Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Consulting Company that assists property owners and developers, which are faced with the challenge of creating technically sound, economically reasonable solution in an atmosphere of budget reduction challenges.

Marketing Objectives

To generate 10 to 20 leads (potential sales contact: an individual or organization that expresses an interest in services offered) by posting an Effective Ad for 30 days every month.

To generate prospects by blogging once or twice a week during the next 12 months of business operations.

To generate prospects by hosting a meetup event once every two weeks during the next 12 months of business operations.

Marketing Strategies
Product/Service – Value Proposition

Save Our Environment provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary engineering service able to match all construction project needs, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, plumbing and HVAC specializations, storm water management, functional servicing and environmental site assessments. Save Our Environment is in the business of creating solutions, most of which depend a great deal on state-of-the-art-technology.

But technology isn’t enough. Problems don’t go away if you simply throw enough technology at them. A sound solution integrates the client’s goals, draws on only the appropriate technologies and is firmly based within the economic and time limits set by the client, community and regulators. Save Our Environment saves its clients money and time, makes them feel better, and enables them to realize cost savings. A client pays at least 2.8 times less than he would pay retaining other companies. At Save Our Environment the overhead multiplier is only 1, it means the clients pay 0 dollars for the expense of maintaining Save Our Environment property and utilities and insurance etc. Save Our Environment has a spotless track record in getting government approvals for its work projects and it is willing to beat the legitimate, written estimates of all other competitors offering professional engineering services. It’s not about selling exactly the same amount of work cheaper than the competition; it’s about customizing, making according to requirements and according to the clients’ budgets. In many cases many competitors of Save Our Environment offers a seemingly low price for inadequate amount of work to the clients. As a result a client would end up with paying twice. In such cases Save Our Environment asks for the written estimates of the competitors and explains everything to its clients. This is how Save Our Environment beats the estimates of other competitors.

Save Our Environment is a problem solver, not a troublemaker.

Place (Location Analysis)

Save Our Environment is located at 2331 Kingston Road, Unit B, Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1V1. The business is located in a commercial building and open to clients during regular business hours between 9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday. The place is conveniently located within reasonable distance from Scarborough Civic Centre, where most of its design work is examined by the City authorities.

The commercial building, called Terry Town Plaza is a radically distinctive mix of retail, office, business and consumer services, education providers and recreation facilities. The plaza has become one of the Scarborough’s most vigorous and active centres.

From dawn to dusk to dawn, Terry Town Plaza never sleeps – Eggsmart greets Torontonians while serving delicious breakfast every day as early as 7:00 in the morning whereas Tara Inn is a Pub that serves Irish food and alcohol till midnight and beyond. Save Our Environment has taken advantage of these facilities for business breakfasts and dinners.

Terry Town Plaza is also the de facto headquarters of Professional Engineers and Architects in the area. Save Our Environment and H & H Mathematical Modeling are the building, civil and environmental engineering companies, which also maintain their offices here.

Transportation efficiencies such as access to major public transit and ample parking at Terry Town Plaza have also been considered in the site selection decisions.

Pricing Strategy

Save Our Environment practices a combination of various methods for pricing such as Fees Calculated on a Time Basis and Fees on a Lump-Sum Basis. In addition there are Reimbursable Expenses and Applicable Sales Taxes. Save Our Environment has adopted hourly billing rates for various professionals determined by larger companies. The significant difference is that Save Our Environment does not use the applicable multiplier of 2.8. At Save Our Environment the multiplier is 1.

The pricing strategy at Save Our Environment is quite flexible mostly. But the business has been the most successful in its bundle pricing, selling a set of services for a lower price than it would charge if the customer bought all of them separately.

Promotion Plan

Save Our Environment plans to promote its offering by posting featured Top Ad in the internet, blogging once or twice a week(web log) and hosting meetup events once every two weeks.


A number of young people will be involved in the future in the business in relation to sales and marketing activities when the needs arise.

Operations Plan

Operations Process Outline
Confirm Requirements

This step includes a series of interviews with the client to confirm and document the detailed requirements of the project. This usually includes two to three face-to-face meetings with the client of no more than one hour each over a period of four weeks. The Requirements Confirmation step results in a comprehensive report that confirms the assignment scope and deliverables. At this stage the inspirations of building a home is reviewed with the Designer (Save Our Environment) to consolidate the ideas into a cohesive design.

Schematic Design Concepts

Save Our Environment works through several schematic design concepts to find the scheme that best fits the client’s needs. Design concepts can be freehand sketches or AutoCAD drawings to capture the essence of a plan under consideration. This can typically take about 1-3 weeks.

Reality Check

Now that all of the client’s ideas and dreams have been put to paper, it is time to get the project cost estimated. Save Our Environment coordinates the professional services of a Quantity Surveyor (QS) to estimate the construction cost and feasibility of the project financially. The QS produces a report that outlines all the trade categories for the project and what it costs to build each component of the building in today’s market. This report sets the budget for the project and how much it will cost to build before moving forward into more detailed drawings. This process should take about 2-3 weeks.

Design Development

This is the phase of the process where dimensions are added to the drawing, zoning bylaws are reviewed to ensure everything fits. The schematic design will be developed into a dimensioned and professional drawing. With a conceptual design prepared in preliminary or sketchy form, scheme chosen, a theme decided upon and problems on the site settled, the final solution of the problems is made in this step. This stage should take approximately 2-6weeks.

Construction/ Building Permit Drawings

The design drawings are now developed into a fully detailed set of plans that can be submitted to the City for building permit and used for pricing (Tendering). This should take 2-6 weeks.

Tender Process

The tender stage involves the client’s issuing the project out to several general contractors (GC) usually recommended by Save Our Environment to obtain pricing to build the project. It is typically recommended that the client receive quotes on the cost to build from several GC’s. The selection of the GC is usually based on price, references, and recommendations by Save Our Environment. This can take 4-6 weeks.

Construction Management/General Review

The Ontario Building Code requires that the project be designed and reviewed during construction or demolition by an architect, professional engineer or both that are licensed to practice in Ontario. This can be achieved with weekly meetings on site with the Client, Contractor, and Save Our Environment to work out problems that arise. A small investment of time will ensure all the design details are met.

Resources Strategy
Equipment and Tools

The equipment and tools that Save Our Environment needs on a regular basis are a desk, a computer, a printer, and quite a number of expensive software applications. One would think that an engineer would just need AutoCAD to be able to design a building. But it’s far from the truth. Save Our Environment uses the following software applications on a regular basis: AutoCAD, standard process-based transport models including the SMS models FESWMS, RMA2 & 4, ADCIRC, M2D, PCSWMM, StormNET, XPSWMM, PCSWMM, the HEC suite of models, as well as GIS, STAAD Pro, STAAD Foundation Advanced, BENTLEY WATERCAD V8i, SewerCAD, Bentley GeoStructural Analysis, Hourly Analysis Program and Mathcad.

Materials and Supplies

The materials and supplies Save Our Environment needs to deliver its services are generally paper and printer toner to print engineering reports. But Save Our Environment prints wide format drawings from copy and print at Staples. Save Our Environment is reimbursed at cost, plus an administrative charge of 14.94%, for all reasonable expenses it incurs properly in connection with the project, including applicable sales taxes. Reimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to:

• vehicle use charges;

• travelling and living expenses;

• long-distance telephone and telecommunication charges;

• printing and reproductions;

• progress photographs;

• special or express delivery charges;

• overtime premiums;

• the cost of providing and maintaining a site office;

• supplies and equipment;

• chemical and physical tests;

• others.

Human Resources

Save Our Environment is generally quite self-sufficient, but it does involve sub-contractors when overloaded with work and at many times just for the sake of sharing work with fellow professionals to develop and maintain some kind of mutually beneficial partnership.

Facilities and Operations Management

The premises Save Our Environment is using for doing its business is quite satisfactory for its current needs. The operating cost of this office is very basic and reasonable. Save Our Environment holds a Certificate of Authorization issued by the PEO. The sole proprietor of the business is also licensed by the PEO. Save Our Environment pays PEO a total of $622.00 annually to maintain these registrations.

Insurance is another major cost component to operate this office. Since some clients do visit this office, no matter how infrequently, it is a good idea to have some Comprehensive General Liability insurance. Comprehensive General Liability covers physical damages on a business’ property and more. And of course Professional Liability Insurance plays a significant role in the clients’ decisions whether or not to do business with you. Professional liability covers the business for liabilities that arise as a result of its profession. These two are often bought by business owners who provide professional services and also have a physical business where clients come. It is recommended to insurance yourself with a combination of a PLI policy & CGL if you are a business owner. Save Our Environment is insured. Limit of liability per claim is $1, 000,000.00; Policy aggregate is $1, 000,000.00. Save Our Environment does have a business account with CIBC.


Save Our Environment can produce a maximum of 4 units per month with the above described process, resources and facilities. The business will require additional resources and facilities expansion as the clientele grows. These 4 units include a full package of services beginning with the confirmation of requirements and ending with successful general reviews of the construction. The services cover site plans, architectural plans, structural plans, mechanical plans, electrical plans, stormwater management report, and functional servicing report.


Sales Goals

Revenues for the current year of business operations.
Sales Objectives

The objectives intended to be attained are: 5 new customers a month on average, at least 2 repeat customers a month on average, and 15 calls a month on average.

Sales Strategies

Save Our Environment stays in touch with all prospective and established customers as much as possible by calling, sending e-mails and visiting them in person. The first site visit plays an important role in demonstrating the value of the services that Save Our Environment is offering. For every problem there is a solution. Therefore, Save Our Environment guarantees the usefulness of its services.


Sales Activities

While the first site visit opens a conversation about how to solve the problem, it requires between 5 & 12 contacts to convince the prospective customer that Save Our Environment is the right company to deal with the problem at hand and it is offering the most reasonable price.


This business plan does not attempt to cover the entire complex of marketing, operations, economic and legal problems connected with the running of a Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering company in Toronto. This is because of the restricted size of the document and the fact that, as it is the first written document that describes how Save Our Environment is going to achieve its goals, it had to contain a basic written plan from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint. The business has, on the whole, limited itself to discussing the problems of the budget reduction for the preparation of engineering work for housing and small buildings. Save Our Environment saves its clients money and time, makes them feel better, and enables them to realize cost savings. A client pays at least 2.8 times less than he would pay retaining other companies in Toronto. The venture will be successful also because Save Our Environment has already developed a spotless track record in getting government approvals for its work projects.

The goal of the business is not solely making a profit. Save Our Environment upholds and advances the integrity, honor and dignity of the engineering profession by using its knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare. Save Our Environment strives to support the professional and technical societies of its disciplines. Therefore it wishes to grow in the not too far-distant future. Save Our Environment plans to find and hire underemployed engineers that are not making full use of their skills. There are hundreds of taxi-drivers for example with engineering background. With a little training these people can return to their original profession and play a bigger role in the economy of the country. But there are some problems associated with hiring and making good use of these people. In this regard, Save Our Environment is closely studying the problems. Some of these problems have not yet been solved although they are under study at the time of writing; some are still some way from being solved even now, and some will only be solved in the far-distant future.

By the fifth year of operations Save Our Environment will be the preferred building, civil and environmental engineering company as well as one of the largest employers in the Greater Toronto Area. Providing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary engineering service able to match almost all construction and environmental project needs with an eye toward saving time and money will enable Save Our Environment to become known and respected in the industry.


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